Cornwall Photographic

Höfn is my spiritual home.  Some of my best friends are here.  I have been welcomed into homes and into the community and treated with the most incredible hospitality here and when I became ill here a couple of weeks ago, I was treated with care and compassion to the point that phone calls were made way beyond the call of duty to check how I was doing.  Yes, Höfn is where my heart is.

Hofn by Adrian Theze48mm f/11 1/320 sec. ISO-100

Besides the wonderful people and the incredible health and dental care, the scenery is just incredible and a short ride along route 1 and through the tunnel that takes you through a range of mountains you will come to Hvaines.  If you’re from Höfn, which as I’ve mentioned before is pronounced h’up (the h is very breathy) you’ll pronounce Hvaines with a sort of clearing of the throat k followed…

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The Big, Big Move

Herman van Bon Photography

Per 1 April we will reside in an heritage house (Anno 1928) in Napier; 50 kilometers drive from Stanford and also in the Overberg region of the Western Cape in South Africa. Besides plenty of administrative ‘issues’ inherent at selling and buying properties there are many other things to think of. Take for example the garden. Luckily we took a precious collection of succulent plants (including cacti) with us almost 5 years ago from our previous residence and I can tell you that investment in the right plants plus some patience bears more fruit than putting money away in the bank despite the fact that we sell the plants 30 to 40% below nursery prices.. The past weeks we sold about 1500 of the approx. 2200 plants and still there are quite a few collector’s items left. Buyers were collectors from all over South Africa from Cape Town to Durban…

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YUM Recipe: Hamburger Patties

Would love one today!

YUM eat cafe

It's real; it's YUMmy It’s real; it’s YUMmy

Many customers asked us for the recipe of our hamburger patties. Although we published it sometime ago in this blog; it doesn’t withhold us to share it again.

What you need:

500 g lean mincemeat

75 ml  whole wheat flour

50 ml milk

5 ml salt

2.5 ml barbeque spice

2.5 ml paprika

5 ml mustard powder

2.5 ml mixed herbs

5 ml baking powder

1 egg

10 ml tomato sauce

10 ml chutney

125 ml finely chopped onions

10 ml chopped parsley


What you do:

Mix ingredients together.  Form into patties. 4 – 6 patties

These patties can be frozen and defrosted before use.

Serve on bun and dress with caramalised onions, lettuce. tomato slice(s), chips, etc.

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Icelandic Ponies

Beautiful ponies

Cornwall Photographic

Ponies are a very special feature of the Icelandic landscape that you’ll see everywhere you go if you visit Iceland.  These very placid friendly little guys stay out in all weathers, experiencing the most extreme conditions Iceland can throw at them.  I’ve seen them huddled in blizzards with winds so strong it’s been impossible to open the car doors or stand up if one manages to leave the car for a quick photograph, such is the way of photographers – quite mad really.  Who else would try to open car door in 30 metres per second winds to take a photograph of the blowing snow.. hmm (see below).

Shifting Snow Dunes by Adrian Theze55mm f/11 1/400 sec. ISO-100

The ponies are a unique breed with a unique gait.  They are extremely well adapted to the Icelandic climate and when there was a general call amongst the Iceland community to treat the ponies better, many of…

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