‘Duistere Praktijken’

‘Obscure Practices’ (I like that)

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'Duistere Praktijken'‘Duistere Praktijken’

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Land Artist James Brunt use the earth as a canvas

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Land Artist James Brunt use the earth as a canvas

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Yorkshire-based artist James Brunt has become well-known for his land art, temporary works made from carefully arranged natural objects like leaves, sticks, and stones.

While the artworks themselves may only last for a few hours, the pieces live on in photographic form. After studying Fine Art at the Byam Shaw School of Art in London, Brunt worked for galleries and had a long stint in Arts Development. He now lives and work with his family in Yorkshire, also running the arts organisation, Responsible Fishing UK.

For those curious, James recently shared his ‘working code of practice‘ when creating his art and adds that it is in constant development. You can read his code of practice on his blog. For prints, James has recently launched an Etsy store and you can keep up…

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Generative Illustrations By Janusz Jurek

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Polish designer Janusz Jurek has specialized in digital art and illustration over the years. His more recent work involves a lot of generative illustration. Unfortunately, he didn’t document his working technique, so we can only take a wild guess and imagine that he works with some programming tools.

3D Sketch is a personal project by our featured artist, Janusz Jurek. In this art set, our artist used generative art technique. According to Wikipedia, Generative art refers to art as a whole, or a part, that has been created with the use of an autonomous system. An autonomous system in this context is generally one that is non-human and can independently determine features of an artwork that would otherwise require decisions made directly by the artist. For Janusz, it is about motion, and human body is about motion even when it is motionless, it…

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And from April onwards also in the UK — Private Gallery Napier

It took Deborah Digby of Fillingdon Fine Art quite sometime to make a selection. There was so much to choose from. In the end she left with a bag full of ‘Down-to-Earth’ jewellery designed and handcrafted by Yvonne. The UK-launch of Yvonne’s jewellery will be somewhere in April of this year.

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Spoiled by Danish top chef

Was very privileged yesterday by meeting Danish top chef Thomas Rode Andersen plus that he created a multitude of courses for me and a few others ( 😉 ). With the help of kitchen staff of Creation and paired with the different Creation wines. (Creation Wines is in the ‘Hemel en Aarde Vallei’ between Hermanus/Sandbaai […]

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To London (UK) and to Greyton — Private Gallery Napier

A stylish design ring made of South African Sterling Silver combined with naturally bonded crushed rock particles went to a customer in London (UK) and the ‘Wave of the Whale’ (same materials) found a home in Greyton, South Africa.

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