Pure South African — Yvonne de Wit – Jewellery Design & Art

Pure South African. South African treasures of the Earth: Sterling Silver combined with naturally bonded crushed rock. Handmade with ancient tools in Napier, Western Cape, South Africa. (oops .. I almost forgot to mention the South African copper dowels… 😉 ) I design and create jewellery as single pieces and in limited editions.

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Documentary of ’emptiness’ ….

….. as photographer Luc Dewaele tags in his series ‘Flemish towns to avoid’. This is part 165; I wonder if there are any towns left to visit 😉 Personally I always liked to drive in rural Flemish Belgium in the past and where-ever one goes there are  places one rather would like to avoid. ….

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The choice — Private Gallery Napier

On behalf of a multinational (head office in Germany) a scouting organisation made an inventory of all the accommodation in a radius of 50 km around Arniston where the company wants to celebrate its anniversary this coming year. We were surprised; only 3 accommodations in Napier complied with their demands including our ‘Banana House‘. And […]

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