The Egret’s Story


All downhill from here

Yesterday I posted my splashing egret image and did not really think much more about it. I also posted it to Flickr. Well as of now it has been viewed over 21,000 times, has generated 49 comments and been favourited 250 times. It reached number 3 on Explore. (Update 30th September – views have risen to 54,800)

You may remember my Lotus photo also had similar treatment but even today it is barely reaching 5,000 views.

The more I try to understand what makes a popular (not necessarily good) photograph the less I succeed. It is a complete mystery to me and that makes the whole idea of trying to turn images into money a route I shall never pursue. (Never say never?).

If anybody can tell me why the egret image is so popular I shall be much obliged!! Sadly Flickr does not pay per view. If only…….

Egret strike2 K25

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 13.52.39

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“Stages”. European Tour.

Heart wrenching!!!

Through Harold's Lens


Your Town
Through Harold’s Lens:


Mom, I just saw him!
What happened?


Pitch night
Old man
High speed

3000 pounds
3000 pounds.

Metal rips metal
Metal smashes glass
Smashing glass tears tender skin
Sharp edges saw bare bone
Chards puncture eyes
Rivers of blood.


No Mom
This can’t be
This can’t be happening to our family
Pete! Pete!
My dear brother Pete!


@$#&%* liquor
@$#&%* alcoholic
@$#&%* alcoholic driving a car.


Streams roll over soft cheeks
Tongue tastes salt
Lips tastes mucous
Shoulders shake
Body quivers.

Eyes stare into space
Long, low, hollow


@$#&%* life
I can’t do this any more
Pete was my strength
My best friend
My God.


I have you
We have each other
We have love.

Ring. Ring. Ring.
Alcoholics Anonymous.
May I help you?”

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Serengeti – Tanzania

Geoff shoots the world

Ah the Serengeti (why do I always want to put two t’s in Serengeti?). In my mind nothing conjures up more images of African wildlife than the thought of the Serengeti.

We had one evening drive, then camped the night in the park where we were warned to shine a light out the tent if we had to go toilet, if you saw eyes shining back then hold it! Then we had a morning drive the next day before heading back, you could easily spend much longer there if you had the time and the money to do it.

On the evening drive I ticked off the last of my cat list, a cheetah way in the diastase (the shot below represents a heavy crop) and a servile (actually 2 serviles). We also saw our second leopard up a tree having a bite to eat, as we left her we…

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