Fashion Where Slavic Folklore Reigns Of Agnieszka Osipa

Extravaganza …


agnieszka-osipa_02Marcin-Nagraba-028agnieszka-osipa_10agnieszka-osipa_06Marcin-Nagraba-027agnieszka-osipa_23agnieszka-osipa_15Marcin-Nagraba-023.jpgagnieszka-osipa_12agnieszka-osipa_16agnieszka-osipa_11agnieszka-osipa_07Marcin-Nagraba-004agnieszka-osipa_04agnieszka-osipa_18agnieszka-osipa_13Marcin-Nagraba-012agnieszka-osipa_22Marcin-Nagraba-011agnieszka-osipa_24Marcin-Nagraba-007Agnieszka 3Agnieszka-Lorek-A.M.Lorek-Michelle-Connop-dsg-Agnieszka-Osipa-Eternityagnieszka-osipa_14agnieszka-osipa_20agnieszka-osipa_26Agnieszka 7agnieszka-osipa_19agnieszka-osipa_05agnieszka-osipa_27agnieszka-osipa_28agnieszka-osipa_29

 Fashion Where Slavic Folklore Reigns of Agnieszka Osipa

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Poland based costume designer Agnieszka Osipa creates a wardrobe for another world. Another time. Her creations turn modern women into mythic royalty — protectors of ancient lands.

She graduated from the Lodz Academy of Fine Arts, with diploma in fashion design.

Agnieszka Osipa rents out her costumes and also takes commissions — if ever you were in the market for a truly breathtaking, spellbound dress or crown for an occasion demanding nothing less than ethereal perfection, this should be your first stop.

Osipa draws inspiration from painting and folklore. As a girl, she was fascinated by folklore and felt inspired by Eastern European traditions. This surreal mythology has helped form her artistic style.

Polish designer Agnieszka Osipa’s creations feel like home to me, embodying a sort of feral holiness I associate with Slavic folklore…

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