Centocow; more than just a Mission

Love the off the beaten track in South Africa. It’s a way to discover the real South Africa; a journey that begins >100 kilometer beyond Cape Town.

Africa far and wide

The great thing about living in the Natal Midlands is that we’re in the middle. Just a stone’s throw away from a whole heap of things to do and places to see. Go right and the mountains are only an hour from here, go left  and we’ve got the Indian ocean lapping at our feet! And since moving here, I am fast discovering that I need not even travel that far. There is so much right here.

The beauty about the Southern Natal Midlands is that it’s still a little raw. It’s not a polished pearl like it’s cousin…the Midlands Meander. There are many places of interest here that are only known by word of mouth or haven’t yet had their big moment of fame or that are simply off the beaten track. I quite like that; knowing that not everyone ‘knows,’ that there are still places waiting to be…

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