Les Arbres Lumineux!


Petite mise en scène ou comment transformer en jolie comptine un dur labeur….

Arbres lumineux (également Signaux lumineux) est une œuvre de Takis. C’est l’une des œuvres d’art de la Défense, en France.
L’œuvre est située dans le quartier La Défense 7, derrière la Grande Arche. Il s’agit d’une installation composée de plusieurs tiges métalliques, dont les extrémités sont munies de formes géométriques colorées et de feux clignotants, eux-mêmes de couleurs diverses.

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The power of social media

Private Gallery Napier

Yesterday we (me and Yvonne) published a photograph on Facebook and we let it go viral (26 shares) and guess what? Within 10 hours sold to an European collector. As usual: only one (framed) print per image. In the meantime preparations for the official opening (first weekend of April and only for invitees) are making our lives quite hectic for we have also our own work to do. The gallery will  be open on appointment. One of our markets is the tourism stream that passes along our premises between Cape Town and Cape Agulhas (Southernmost tip of the African Continent). Already now we experience quite some interest from overseas tour operators and local tour guides; partly thanks to a targeted approach on social media and partly a direct approach added with word-of-mouth.

Prices of the jewellery (South African Sterling Silver combined with naturally bonded soil-/crushed rock particles vary from R…

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Varieties on a theme

Private Gallery Napier

7-3-17-8The Jangle Dangle Earrings are a great success. The design is based on the mathematical calculations of the 12th century Italian scientist Fibonacci. Its fluent line attracts not only the eye but also adds comfort of wearing. The Jangle Dangle is made of South African Sterling Silver and soil/crushed rock particles in a wide variety of colours. The particles are grounded and naturally bonded together with the silver wire. They work as three balanced ‘pendants’ from the ear. If one looks at the final pieces, one will see how delicately, intricately and exquisitely each pendant hangs, individually, from a tiny common point. They are not soldered together; each of the three pendants somehow hangs perfectly in place. And in harmony with its opposite piece on the other ear.

New are the varieties of the ‘Jangle Dangle’ theme. Instead of three just two pendants; one set with the pendants bend to each other and…

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10 Days and 2480 km’s

A good way of discovering South Africa off the beaten track although on the way towards Baviaanskloof I would have made a detour via the Southernmost ferry of the African Continent (Malgas), Witsand and via the other gravel roads towards Albertina instead of taking the whole stretch of the N2. Okay, it would take an extra day but worth doing it the next time Fiona and Dan. BTW love tour travel stories!!! Herman

360 exposure

Dan and I recently completed our longest road trip to date!

We departed early on Saturday morning & headed for Baviaanskloof approximately 630km from home. I made a deal with Dan that en route to Baviaanskloof I would not stop at farmstall’s apart from taking a leg stretch, toilet break or snack stop. I am proud to say that I managed to do just that. The trip was long & almost never ending, but think it was due to the excitement we had for the Leopard Trail that lay ahead, as well as the unknown as to where exactly we were going to be staying that night as the GPS was not picking up the exact location & there was no cellphone signal within the Baviaanskloof region.

After many memorizing long quite roads, passing through major industrial cities of South Africa (George & Mossel Bay), we turned right onto a…

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