Båatsoe – Living with reindeers

Bente Haarstad Photography

Gamme i Saanti Sijte

I have visited the reindeer herders in Norway for years, trying to document some of their uniqe traditions and way of life. The Sámi people of Northern Scandinavia are the only remaining indigenous people of Europe. There are other minorities in Europe, and the ethnic groups inhabiting the European countries are considered to be indigenous to Europe, including the majority populations. But in Europe only the Sámi is internationally recognised as indigenous.

This year I am having three exhibitions with pictures from my work the last 10-15 years. That is, my pictures are from the tiny minority within the minority; the South Sámi. They are few, maybe only around 2000 persons, living in central part of Norway and Sweden. And they are trying to preserve their traditional way of life and their land rights in an environment often not so interested.



The Sámi is one nation, Sápmi, living in…

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