I have been memorizing that I am sleeping — Implied Spaces

I have been memorizing that I am sleeping. Night Book carries dreamers, Approaching the text, capture visions. Chin Vogue Tea is responsible – Come up the conversion stairs ! This is the key to one of the answers – Waves tumble upward, like twisted steps. Cheat the wind, whale son sings ! I am […]

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Celestial Nights — e MORFES

In Celestial Nights, photographer Neil Folberg skillfully captures a spectacular world of nocturnal landscapes where the horizon isn’t always definitive. The earth and heavens are mingled in this collection of arresting photographs, which to Folberg represent a blurred division between present and eternity, substance and spirit, and knowledge and imagination. As Folberg writes, “No one […]

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Secrets of Napier 2: Jennifer Bam

A remarkable young woman

Life in the Overberg

This is the second post in a series about ‘unknown’ people in Napier who work in silence. They all have a few things in common: many of them are virtually unknown in their own village and they all make a living out of the ordinary.  This second post is about Jennifer Bam in Napier.

jennifer2Sculptor Jennifer Bam keeps a low profile but despite that she is known in the right circles. Word of mouth goes fast and so does Jennifer. She became known as one of sculptors who created the huge central sculptures of Africa Burns which are once every year erected in the Tankwa Karoo. From there she travelled on request around the globe leaving her signature behind as far as in California. No small objects for Jennifer thinks big, very big; up to 13 meters high.  At the moment she is with a team of 80 people in Cape Town engaged in the…

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