Addo Elephant Park

Love Addo. Next year I plan to do some shooting over there. (was there a few yrs ago without camera (!!!???)

Through the Viewfinder

At the end of June my parents and I went holidaying in the Eastern Cape.  After spending a few days in PE, we travelled to Addo Elephant Park, a SANParks reserve.

Driving in we spotted a warthog and some of the elephants the camp is known for. This elephant image of mine later won a Shot of the Month competition.

We also had a great sighting of some zebra, frolicking around an artificial water hole – as with the rest of the country, the park hasn’t had rain in months.

At a similar watering hole, we sat at a hide and watched this poor old buffalo take a drink.

On our last night, we decided to brave the cold and go on one of the park’s night drives.  And good that we did – we had some amazing sitings!  The only lighting I had was the ranger’s flashlight, but I pushed my ISO…

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Taking the wrong Rhodes Home

Wonderful exploration within South Africa. Love this blog!!!

Africa far and wide

The road around Umtata to the Wild Coast was a hell-raiser!  Not because of the actual road but because of the drivers. They all seemed to be driving like there was no tomorrow, willing to risk their lives (and the lives of oncoming motorists) by overtaking on blind rises, double lines or speeding like they were on a German Autobahn, but with horses, cows and donkeys posing as minor obstacles. I wasn’t very excited about retracing our skid marks and so I thought it might be more relaxing to take the long road home via Satan’s Nek Pass, Elliot and finally Rhodes.

The plan was to drive to KwaZulu-Natal via the mountains in the Eastern Cape – a part of the Drakensberg that neither of us had explored. It made perfect sense to take the long road back and to get a taste of what we’ve heard from so many…

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Showing off the ‘prom-dress’ her granny made

From the archives: Prom-dress 1

Herman van Bon Photography

Later today the posting ‘A Play with Beth‘ a portrait of a remarkable young South African woman who just finished High School. As for this morning Beth shows off the new 3 piece ‘prom-dress’ her grandmother made for her. Each piece can be combined with different clothes. And that’s smart thinking for prom-dresses (very expensive to buy) are usually designed for once off use.. Of some of these pictures reworked versions are  shown in the posting later today.

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