Underwater Eco Village Plans

Imagination has no limits

Art exists because life is not enough.

Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut imagined plans for an eco-village built on the ocean, from garbage and recycled materials, printed in 3D. His plans present futuristic constructions goes 1000m under the water, the city is called Aequorea, a bioluminescent jellyfishes species. The concept highlights our current catastrophic environmental situation : an urgent need to clean our oceans which empty of their species, as well as the decrease of natural resources.

In this way, the life would be possible in this village thanks to sources of renewable energy : cultivated seaweeds, plankton, mollusks, rod and gardens cultivated over the water. Domes give access to the submarine environment. The project seems crazy, and almost too good to be true ; but thanks to our new manners to think the ecology, to recycle and renew the energy, we could create long-lasting structures as these, and think of new manners to live. Aequorea is…

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