Underwater Eco Village Plans

Imagination has no limits

Art exists because life is not enough.

Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut imagined plans for an eco-village built on the ocean, from garbage and recycled materials, printed in 3D. His plans present futuristic constructions goes 1000m under the water, the city is called Aequorea, a bioluminescent jellyfishes species. The concept highlights our current catastrophic environmental situation : an urgent need to clean our oceans which empty of their species, as well as the decrease of natural resources.

In this way, the life would be possible in this village thanks to sources of renewable energy : cultivated seaweeds, plankton, mollusks, rod and gardens cultivated over the water. Domes give access to the submarine environment. The project seems crazy, and almost too good to be true ; but thanks to our new manners to think the ecology, to recycle and renew the energy, we could create long-lasting structures as these, and think of new manners to live. Aequorea is…

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Grand mosque

Great compositions!!!


This magnificent building was my main incentive for taking a trip to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Situated on a huge site to the north of the country’s capital, theSheikh Zayed Grand Mosquecan accommodate 41,000 worshippers and is an opulent feat of architecture, completed in 2007.

But my visit, under the piercing blue of an Arabian Gulf sky, was less about religious observance as tourists from all over the world flocked to see this impressive complex. It’s a myriad of pillars, windows, arches and domes, while the interior is studded with gems and cut glass.

With tourists come phones, selfie sticks and iPads in a building where photography is thankfully allowed. It feels almost impossible to take an original image. But with this wealth of lines, symmetry, colour and majesty, you just have to go with your instinct and capture what enthralls your own eye.


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This Photo of a Potato Sold for Over $1,000,000

Art exists because life is not enough.


You might not think much about this photo of a potato (maybe you do?), but it’s one of the most expensive photos in the world, selling for in excess of $1,000,000 last year.

The work, titled “Potato #345 (2010),” is from photographer Kevin Abosch’s, latest series called ‘iconic black backdrop’. This series has captured the interest of famous business people in the Silicon Valley tech industry in particular, with the rich and famous regularly paying in excess of $150,000 for a single photo shoot with Abosch.

“Kevin likes potatoes because they, like people are all different yet immediately identifiable as being essentially of the same species,” Kevin’s studio writes. “He has photographed many potatoes. This one is one of his favorites.”


[Above: Self Portrait by Kevin Abosch]

According to Kevin, the sale came about when a wealthy buyer who collects Abosch’s work was visiting the photographer’s Paris home in 2015. They…

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Insects and Animals Made from Repurposed Objects by Edouard Martinet

Art exists because life is not enough.

It’s hard to believe that these perfectly assembled sculptures by French artist Edouard Martinet ever existed in any other form than they appear now. Yet every head, thorax, leg, wing, and eye from these assorted creatures was once part of a car, bicycle, typewriter, or other found objects. Reading through his material lists it becomes clear how completely thorough and judicious Martinet is in selecting the perfect objects to realize his vision, truly a master of his craft. You can see several additional new works on his website.

martinet-2martinet-3martinet-4martinet-5martinet-6martinet-7martinet-8martinet-9martinet-10martinet-11martinet-12via artfido

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Architecture of Antonio Gaudi: aka Barcelona’s money making machine. It’s a love hate relationship…

The money making scheme in Barcelona.

life of a forever wanderer

Barcelona- Gaudi, Gaudi – Barcelona. It’s a thing. What is a visit to Barcelona without trailing all the works of Antonio Gaudi, the famous Catalan Architect? So when in Barcelona, do as the tourist do. So we did, a little bit. I was all excited about this. The crazy architecture, ideas and a pioneer in catalan modernism. His works are talked about all over the world for how quirky and weird it is and now I get to see it. So we dedicated a full day to see his work. His Art.

First was Palau Guell. This kind of work was exactly what he was known for. We didn’t get to go inside because we were short on time and I have a feeling we missed out on something important.

DSC_0317 Palau Guell


Next was his ‘magnum opus’ The Sagrada Familia. We bought tickets online, a day before and still couldn’t…

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