Why foreign financial aid to Africa does not help to enlighten the life of the poorest

weird short stories and other things

(Excerpt from a passage in the book “Out of America. A black man confronts Africa” by Keith B. Richburg. ISBN 0-15-600583-2)

An African finance minister visits his counterpart somewhere in the Far East. “How come”, asks the African, “that you can afford such a big and beautiful mansion?”

The Asian guides his colleague to one of the balconies and answers: “You see that highway at the horizon. Build with money of the World Bank. 10 Percent for me”.

Years later the Asian visits the African and is astonished by the size and the beauty of his estate that exceeds his own multiple times. “Sjoo”, he says, “it seems that you are doing quite well here. How come?”

The African shows him to a point in the horizon: “Do you see that highway there?”

The Asian looks and looks and says: “I can’t see any highway.”

“Right”, the African finance minister says…

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