Canned in Cape Town

What a holiday destination!!! OK just being a bit sarcastic.

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Thanks to Lester September“‘South African Townships By Drone’ is a series of drone videos with the aim of raising awareness of the living conditions in Cape Town, created by the City of Cape Town. This is where the City of Cape Town threatened to relocate elderly Capetonians and families living in South Road, Wynberg. This is where mostly so called “coloured” Capetonians are being dumped by the city….. Clearly not a City that cares for you…..”

“It is rather ironic that drones are used to bring us a picture of the bleak, desolate life in a ‘tin town. ‘ The young children were petrified. The adults must certainly feel upset, their vulnerability exploited . It seems being ‘homeless’ gives you no right on privacy. If these drones flew over an upgraded neighbourhood, the well-to-do inhabitants would have protested, demanding the protection of their privacy.” – Lizia Nieman

A personal…

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