Post Medieval Kirlian : Self Portrait

Joseph P. Kanski : the purpose of a self portrait. I really like his work!

Implied Spaces

Post Medieval Kirlian 1

Post Medieval Kirlian 2

It happened a long time ago – or did it ?

Consider this what if,  towards the end of the Medieval Period there was a shift from Illuminated Manuscripts to the use of Kirlian Photography. Everyone would be taking self portraits, well those who could afford the latest app, ………

The self-portrait, what is its purpose/message ?  An affirmation of one’s sense of existence ?  An expression of one’s hopes and fears  made manifest,  and then conveyed in an image to the world ? Or have we reduced our image to media content that is incorporated into a constructed reality and then have it consumed and repurposed by the viewing audience ? Do we illuminate and reveal ourselves or attempt to hide behind a manufactured context ? What is the true story of the text ?

Post Medieval Kirlian 3

Post Medieval Kirlian 4

Post Medieval Kirlian 5

Post Medieval Kirlian 6

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