At the end it’s the money that counts


There are many incredible online marketing tools to measure the interest in a brand. But how reliable are these. The good ones provide you with an indication but again: how reliable? Usually I tell clients to deduct 30 to 40 percent because nothing is as unpredictable as the weather and the consumer.

Just one example from my own practice: A small business in the hospitality shares an own blog post on its FB-page and shares this also on 3 other regional FB-pages. It results in 7 FB-likes in total but 854 hits on the original blog post linked to Facebook and, in this case, South Africa. I can also question the reliability of the ‘Insights’ of the different FB-pages that only totalled a ‘reach’ of 503. Organising an ‘Event’ on FB is also a hazard. Usually the ‘friends/followers’ that indicate their presence don’t show up so I advise my clients to act accordingly…

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