Great Bear Spirit

Wonderful!!! Both; photographs and poem

Emily Carter Mitchell ~ Nature as Art

Spectacled Andean Bear Spectacled Andean Bear

Great Bear Spirit

I seek your lessons.
Show me how to sink deep within myself to find the answers I seek.
Teach me to understand That I possess all the resources necessary to survive.
Help me know when to seek solitude,
As you do in winter,

And also when to emerge and nurture all that was born in darkness, a
as you do in spring.

Guide me towards sweetness and play, and remind me to climb higher.
Guide me towards wisdom and truth, and remind me to be ever patient.
Guide me towards strength, Keeper of Medicine, That I might defend those I love,
move with speed to where I need to be,
And stand nobly for what I believe.


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Recipe Dutch Pea Soup

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Y-dutch-pea-soupAs it takes quite some time before the soup is ready we make a large batch which we divide over several containers.

Here is the basic recipe for a 10 liter batch.


1 kilogram split peas, 1 large smoked eisbein, 3 large carrots, 10 large leeches, bunch of celery (including leafs), 2 large sweet potatoes, bunch of coriander, smoked sausages

Other veggies such as turnips, etc. to own liking. Spices and herbs also to own liking. We usually add a teaspoon of curry.

How to prepare:

Bring the spit peas to boil in 7 liters water and let it simmer (stir every now and then) until peas are completely dissolved. This can take up to 3 hours. In a separate pot boil the eisbein in 2 liters water and let it simmer until meat comes easily loose from the bone.

Add the fine cut meat and the brine of…

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