San Francisco Skyline

I’ve been there once and now I want to go again…. Thank you Laura!!!

Laura Macky Photography

Since a few of you have asked, I thought I’d do a post on my header.  Most of you are probably familiar with the balloon I had as my header for a couple years, and the bad joke I like to make about changing the header is the balloon was getting a little flat.  Yes, I know that is a pathetic joke but I’m easily amused.  🙂

The photo was taken from Fort Baker, on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge, which provides a nice skyline view of SF.  The bridge you see on the left is the Bay Bridge which connects SF to Treasure Island and then from Treasure Island to Oakland.   If I had turned the camera more toward the right, I would get a nice shot of the Golden Gate.  I’ve taken one of the bridge there before and I’d like to go back to…

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