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The wheelbarrow is the essence of the South African economy. Without it there would be no economy.

The earliest recorded wheelbarrow was found in a tomb in Chengdu, China and dated back to 118 AD. In Europe the wheelbarrow was introduced in the 12th century.

The wheelbarrow (‘kruiwagen’) in South Africa was introduced by the first Dutch colonists. Indigenous languages don’t have a word for wheelbarrow so they all use the Dutch or the English word; sometimes pronounced in the accent of the own language.

Earth and rocks for roads and waterworks were moved with the wheelbarrow as were diamonds, gold and other precious treasures from the earth. Nowadays mining companies and farmers use excavators and lorries but in small scale operations the wheelbarrow is still indispensable. And so are the guys behind the wheelbarrow. They are the ones that keep the nation going.

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