The Whale-Whisperer strikes again

Absolutely STUNNING photography!!! Whales as you have never seen before!!!

Elephant Zen

davedebeer9a_DxOWhale-journey-continued2Our town Hermanus is known as the Whale-Watching-Capital of South Africa. Every year between May and November tens of thousands of visitors are attracted by these huge mammals. The Hermanus Whale-Crier is widely marketed but did you ever hear of the Whale-Whisperer?

His name is Dave de Beer and he is a well known wildlife photographer specialising in bothbirds and whales. For 10 years now and during the whale-season you can find Dave somewhere along the waterside sunrise to sunset “Photographing whales challenges your ability to be patient”, he says. “Sometimes it can take days before I have a picture I’m satisfied with.” 

Five years ago his first whale book was published and became an overnight success. In September, after another 5 whale seasons, the Whale-Whisperer strikes again with the publication of his second book. The title: ‘Hermanus Whales’. Subtitle: ‘The journey continues’. And it’s a bestseller!!! 


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Women Rock

Elephant Zen

“The great question . . . which I have not been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is ‘What does a woman want?” – Sigmund Freud

portraitYvonne3aug14-2Over a cup of coffee with a friend, I mentioned that when I was seven something, I had been selected to perform in a duet with one of the other aspiring little ballerinas at the Hammond School of Ballet in East London where I grew up.  The music chosen was Maurice Chevalier’s Thank Heavens for Little Girls.  I remember dancing across the stage wearing a pretty pink dress sprinkled with those velvety white bobbles and waving an enormous everlasting sucker with my ballet buddy Louise, dressed up like a twin and doing the same.

At that age I thought life would be an everlasting sucker, something to enjoy from moment to moment with a sweetness…

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