Photo Blog Picks of the Week

And my photoblog is mentioned. Thank you!!!

Featured E - Magazine

OK, it’s another Sunday and this week I’ve chosen to feature some PHOTOGRAPHY BLOGS.  Every blog featured in this post will be some of the Photo Blogs that I’ve discovered over the past and even featured in interviews.  I know there are probably millions more.  There are so many photo blogs out there.  Please, If you are a follower and I missed you, which I’m sure I did, just drop me a line and I’ll add you to this list.  If you have a photo blog that you would like featured, let me know and I’ll keep this a running post of featured photo blogs!

Captivate Me

Robyn is a photographer who takes interesting, mostly close-up photography of just about anything.  She has also taken social sharing of her photography to another level with her ‘One Four Challenge‘ in October 2014.  From her About Page:

“I am a…

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