Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

Patti Moed takes us on a night journey. Including great story (she is a writer you know 😉 )

P.A. Moed

For this week’s post, Ben challenges us to showcase our best nighttime shots.  I love night photography.   Under the cover of darkness, secrets are revealed in unexpected places.  Sometimes I take a shot, only to find hidden “treasure” when I open up the file in Photoshop and explore what the lens has “seen” but my eyes missed.    My go-to lens for night shots is my prime 50mm Canon (f1.4), which has beautiful clarity and bokeh.

So, here are 3 night photos taken in urban environments.   The first capture was shot on a walk along Newbury Street in Boston right before the shops closed for the night.  The second shot was my reward for standing on Dearborn Street one freezing night in Chicago.  The bus stops in Chicago are privately owned and decorated in novel ways.  Absolut Vodka not only provided the bulls-eye graphics for this stop, but also the…

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