Mariko Evans, Photographer


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Mariko Evans, Photographer

Welcome Mariko Evans, as featured artist here on my From 1 Artist 2 AnotherBlog! Thank you Mike Osborn, former featured artist, for introducing me to Mariko! – Douglas Moorezart

Artist Statement

A dreamer. Word lover. Art lover. Dog lover. Moon lover. Novice yet passionate Tango learner…I don’t dislike rainy days. I have a relationship with Sky, Sea and Clouds. No smart brain to make lies. I often forget the world. Absolute feeling driven…Perfectly imperfect.

I was born and raised in Japan. After living & traveling many countries I am now living in Canada. I don’t consider myself as a photographer – I am more like…a self-proclaimed shooting addict. I bought my first SLR (film) about 20 years ago…and at the time, pursuing a career as a professional photographer was not realistic but photography had long been a favorite hobby of mine. Like everyone, I had…

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Biltmore Magic

Beautiful picture!!!

Places Unknown

I didn’t have any “mystery” photos ready to post for Friday so had to miss it. Maybe next Friday I’ll find something that is not obvious and share with you guys.

I’m flying to Seattle today for a few days, doing some training there and maybe sneak a little hike somewhere in the mountains of the Pacific North West. Looking forward to training and to hiking part.

Another summer view from the Biltmore Estate, pretty place on during a nice summer day.

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Metal cowboy

Vacuum Packed

Johannesburg-based photographer Frank Marshall was following a South African metal band on tour, when they have arrived in Botswana, and *bamn* he stepped into a Motörhead album cover.

He’d discovered the 1,500-strong subculture of metalheads who, despite the insanely hot and humid climate of Botswana still dress like leather clad monsters of rock.

Complete with amazing nicknames like Bone Machine, Apothecary Dethrok, Gunsmoke, Venerated Villain, Dead Demon Rider, Coffinfeeder and Ishmael Phantom Lord, these scene started with a local 70s classic rock band and ev0olved and grew from there.

Along with the Sapeurs of the Congo, Africa’s awesome subcultures have fantastic attention to detail:

Botswana heavy metal 2Botswana heavy metal 3Botswana heavy metal 5Botswana heavy metal 4

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