More Fun With Analogue Efex Pro.

Don’t ask why but I find this picture intriguing …

Maybrick's Photography

I feel I must make some apology, for most of this year I have been quite consistent with new content for this blog, not exactly a post a day…but certainly a couple of posts a week (on average).

But for the past month or two…not so much.

Tiredness, too busy, to stressed, random maladies. All are valid and true.

And now we are into December. Who has much time to go on photographic adventures this time of year?

Hopefully things will resume in January, I am hopeful for snow and fog and cloudy days.

All my favorite weather for my photographs, you  can keep your bright sunny days.  I don’t want them!

So to fill this unfortunate break in service have a look at a few re-workings of THIS snap via Nik Analog Efex Pro.








I like the first one a bit more, although the…

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