Project 365/331 – Playing in the Snow

Emily Carter Mitchell ~ Nature & Wildlife Photography

I know..I know..I owe you a photo from yesterday. But sometimes life just seems to get in the way, and business needs to be taken care of first before play. Today a winter storm was to blow through, promising snow and then icy rain. Of course hearing the four letter word SNOW causes this photographer to jump for joy. As photo opportunities are abound.

There’s been a barn I’ve been driving by all year, that I’ve yet to stop and capture. It’s tucked back in the middle of a large field in some rolling hills. Off in the distance, the snow flakes filled the air.

untitled shoot-9750-Edit

Arriving to the barn, the snow was fresh. Only with hoofbeats and footprints in the path.

untitled shoot-9992-Edituntitled shoot-9990Remy was busy being a snow bunny and she was happy to see me so that she could be tucked in safe and warm in her stall.

untitled shoot-9946

Of course…

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