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Photo taken by contributor Phedias Hadjicharalambous, a 33-year-old man from Nicosia, Cyprus. He got into photography last year during a difficult time after the death of his beloved grandmother. It helped him cope with personal challenges, as well as when his mother began battling severe anxiety several years ago. Thankfully with the proper treatment his mother is now doing better. Phedias’ photography is minimal and his motto “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” reflects his philosophy about life. He has studied astronomy and planetary sciences but his passion is art.

About this photo: “I call this photograph Andromeda. It was a 2 minute exposure taken at Pervolia Beach, Larnaca.

Find more from Phedias at his blog.


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Have a happy and blessed Christmas!


b802cfacb2ea107Our wish for you at this time of the year is for you and your family to experience peace, happiness and joy over the Christmas holiday.

We especially extend that wish to those of who will be working to make the experiences of others special and enjoyable. May you and your staff receive the gratitude and acknowledgement of those you serve.

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Beaver at dusk

Mike Powell

The beavers have moved out of the lodge right under the boardwalk that made it possible for me to get relatively close-up shots of them last winter. This weekend I was determined to get a photo of them and had to wait until it was almost dark to catch sight of one of them swimming in the distance. There was just enough light to focus and I had to crank up the ISO to 1600 (with the resulting increase in noise), but I was able to get a recognizable image.

This completes an incredible week for me of photographing mammals in the wilds of my suburban marshland oasis—I managed to get shots of an otter, a raccoon, a fox, and a beaver. I also saw a few deer, but didn’t get any photos of them. What’s next? I have been told that we have coyotes in the park, but I…

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“Soft Side Of Love”. Streets Of Our World.

Through Harold's Lens


Through Harold’s Lens:

Small Coptic Orthodox Church
Slowly with reference
Little boy
Pass through holy

Idolizing eyes look up
Into proud eyes

Aging slim legs
Young tiny feet

Down long hallowed carpet.

Kneeling together
Deep prayer.

Aged dark wooden pew
Small family
Shufflles sideways.

Not alone
The Father
The Son
The Holy Spirit.

Alone moment
Quiet moment.

Crinkled hands
Young fingers

Quietly arise.

Candles aglow

Little hand
Guided by
Wilted hand
Touch flame to flame.

Deep thought
Rolling tears.

Connected by blood
Connected by love.

Husband remembered
Grandfather honored.

The soft side of love.

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