Time for a camera and Photoshop at night.

It’s not what you first think it is….


Last night I spent some time taking pictures. I originally had this one:

It’s in RAW format, and I edited it followingly:

After that I wanted to do something about the background of the picture, so I ended up using “content-aware” filling all around the background. (Select area -> Shift + F5 -> Content-aware).
I got the background more abstract and fitting with it:

After that I thought that the picture still needs some life… There is a small light to show some start of fire, so why not to make it fire?
In this case I decided to add something into it. I found these two pictures with Google:


I don’t know who made those, but I’m taking no credit for them. Anyway, I added them in the picture (crop a bit and set blending mode to “screen”. I also have added some adjustments:

I could have left it…

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